Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What's So Good About Waco? Write about it!

OK, from time to time I like to give "writing prompts" or "assignments" to the HOT POETS and anyone who'd like to participate in these writing exercises. Well about two weeks ago while on stage it came to me that we ought to come together and write a positive poem about good ole' Waco, Tx! Now the poem can be written any way you want to, just as long as it's positive.

Need some ideas about what you can write about? Try these links:
My sister Jen has composed a song called Waco, My Home Town, but guess what? She has no lyrics to it. So I was thinking that those of you who'd like to partake in writing a poem about Waco might want to take a listen to her song and it may give you some inspiration to say, write something that may go along with the melody.


Here's Jen playing her song. It's quite nice, I might say, and I'm not saying that because she's my sister. You see for yourself. Make sure you give the video time to buffer.

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