Saturday, August 19, 2006

Open Mic Jamz at Beatnix Coffeehouse

I come out and support my sister Jena every Saturday night for Open Mic Jamz at Beatnix. Each week new folks come up and play/sing as do the folks who return weekly to hone their craft and get their 15 minutes of fame. Most performers play original work which is cool, because if any of them make it "big", we'll already have their songs all memorized. The 1st collage picture has Jaimee, a high school student at Midway high singing an original tune. This was her first time on the stage at Beatnix, but certainly not her first time performing. She performs with her dad and she sings and plays with extreme passion. Visit betteroffdad's website to learn more about Jaimee and her dad. Jerry Simonek plays his original tunes and I think he was singing Board it Up here. It has a catchy tune and repetition that makes you find yourself chanting, "a board it up, a board it up". Pic number 3...yeah, Nick the host and I decided to do the mean "hard pose". Being silly and having fun. 4th-mixed media with Nick as the backdrop for my exeriment. Miles helped me out on this one. 5th-Laura Walton and me, posing with our new Beatnix Coffeehouse starburst yellow T-shirts on. I love it!! Jackson Edwards, by Ashley's request, jumped on the Banjo and strummed out a cool tune. Check out that new hair cut and Dynamite Colgate smile! Thanks for playing the Celtic tune again Jackson!! Next, Jen and Nick singing the Beatles favorite, Yesterday and the last, another picture of Jaimee. She's sweet and very talented. You go girl!!
Now, on to the Beatnix T's. They are $15 plus tax, I guess, and the three colors to choose from are Starburst Yellow, Blue, and Army Green. I tried them all on and settled with the Yellow. When you drop by Beatnix, make sure you pick one up. They are going fast!!! Posted by Picasa

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