Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What's Going On Poetically and Musically Speaking

Here's the skinny on what's going on this Summer with Jen and Maryee around Waco:

Every Tuesday from 7-9pm:

Teen Poetry Cafe
at Beatnix Coffee House on 19th and Lake Shore. This will last until Tuesday August 8th, with a final Teen Feature Night! So if you have teen and tweens, bring em' on out to Beatnix Coffee House. These young folks are really talented and have a lot to share. Oh yeah, and send em' with some money cause they're gonna want to eat some pizza or get something to drink. Check out Beatnix's menu.
The Teen Poetry Cafe host is Richard Simpson, an 8th grader at St. Lewis.

Every Thursday from 7:30-9:30pm:

HOT POETS' Open Mic Poetry
at Beatnix Coffee House. It's open to all ages. There's a lot of poetry that gets either read or recited each Thursday night. If you've never attended an open mic poetry meeting, come on out. It's a warm and inviting environment and the audience is quite gracious. Trust me, I'm the host.
I know. If you have any music accompaniment or a drummer you'd like to read or recite your poems to, Beatnix has congas, a banjo and an acoustic guitar for your pleasure.

**3 poems or 5 minutes, which ever comes first

**Rated PG-13 ~~ It's a family atmosphere and
poets from ages 7+ read weekly ~~
**If you have announcements, give them to Maryee to announce during the break
**Have fun and bring a friend or two

Every Saturday from 8:00-11:00pm: Beatnix Open Mic Jams
Can you sing, play an instrument, like to cover your favorite artist's songs? Christian, Folk, R & B, Rap, Country, drummer, harmonica, flute, bass???

Well come on out and get your 15 minutes of fame at Open Mic Jams.

Nick Stewart is the host and is himself, a very talented singer/songwriter. Come on out, sit back, relax and enjoy some good ole' music from local talent right here in Waco, Texas. There have been artists who've come out to Open Mic Jams and after the feedback and encouragement, they auditioned with Penney, the owner and were given a night to feature on Friday night Live Music Night at Beatnix. So who knows, you might be inspired and talented enough to have your own show one day. Come on out!! If you can't sing or play an instrument like me, you'll enjoy yourself anyway. Check out some video below of two performances.


wacoblogs said...

Love to see good things happening in Waco! Let us know what all's going on and we'll try to highlight it! Tell other Waco bloggers!

Maryee said...

THANKS! We'll do!

Laura F. Walton said...

Well, Maryee, I did it...I made a poem from the word verification system! I posted it on my blog and dedicated it to you gals; now it's your turn....I just hope you don't get "qvzspo"....