Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Waco Trib was out tonight!

The Trib came out and took pictures tonight! We had a pretty packed house with a lot of new voices on the mic and new faces in the place. There must have been about 55 folks in here tonight! For the first time we had Rafer Earle Mainor come and open us up with an original piece. He had some of his books available for sale afterwards. We had from the young people's side representing Waco High, University High, The Methodist Home, and St. Lewis Catholic.

There was so much enegry in the place, even Rod Aydelotte from the Trib enjoying heading over for the photo shoot. He was taking pictures for the article that's coming out next week by Carl Hoover on poetry. The article will be discussing the upcoming Beall Poetry festival at Baylor and our weekly open mic poetry at Beatnix. So, we'll be getting some publicity about open mic poetry.

Most people who come out are pleased as well as surprised with how good the poetry is and how engaged the audience is. We've even had folks who dropped by "just to get some coffee" and ended up either staying to hear some poetry or, believe it or not, get up and read/recite something they had on their laptops. Unbelieveable at first, but now, not unusual!

It doesn't matter if you read from a paper, come straight off the cuff from your "mental", or have your work memorized from start to finish, Open Mic Poetry is a place where you can share and express from the inside out! You can be a regular HOT Poet, a Slam Poet, or new to the mic. You can read your original work or someone else's. It doesn't matter. Every Thursday night at Beatnix CoffeeHouse.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Writing meeting Every Tuesday night at Beatnix

We are in our 5th week of meeting at Beatnix to write. Hope to see some new faces there! We meet from 7-9pm. Very informal.


Open Mic Jamz Every Saturday night at Beatnix

Jena Evans singing an original song.

Nick, the host, covering a favorite Beatles tune with Daniel and Kessler accompanying him on drums and electric guitar.

Starting Saturday March 25th, Open Mic Jamz will be every Saturday from 8:30pm to 10:30pm. All novice musicians welcome. You can come and play, sing, or do both!

Waco Jazz Orchestra performs

Under the direction of Tim Cates. Check out their schedule of events for some good jazz music by talented musicians from around Waco.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Beatnix Coffeehouse has updated website

Beatnix Coffee House has updated their website as well as with getting a nice article in the Waco Trib along with Common Ground near Baylor and Texas Tea House in MacGregor. Carl Hoover wrote a very informative article about the local coffee houses. I've been to all three and each has their own unique style. As a matter of fact, I met Jerry and Sharon who came out to open mic Jams last night who heard about Beatnix from the article. Isn't that great?

More pictures to come!!!