Thursday, August 31, 2006

Don't Forget to Write a Poem for Thursday

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reminder about Positive Waco Poems for 8-31-06


OK, from time to time I like to give "writing prompts" or "assignments" to the HOT POETS and anyone who'd like to participate in these writing exercises. Well about two weeks ago while on stage it came to me that we ought to come together and write a positive poem about good ole' Waco, Tx! Now the poem can be written any way you want to, just as long as it's positive.
Need some ideas about what you can write about? Try these links:


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Exciting News about Shane Spann

Shane is a regular at Beatnix Coffeehouse and my sister Jen and I just found out some GREAT NEWS about Shane. Read about it HERE! Congrats Shane!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Tangled Blue Performs at Beatnix

St. Paul Lutheran Church of Bellmead sponsored a community concert featuring Tangled Blue of Austin, Tx tonight at Beatnix. They performed a caffeinated Folk-Rock blend of songs with a Christian twist. Jen and I met the sweet duo early in the Summer when they dropped by Beatnix. Watch them perform I Close My Eyes below. I had front row seats and captured some good footage. The concert was awesome. Joel and Aimee are very engaging, funny, and have a lot of energy. Visit their website and join their email list to see when they'll be in town again. Aimee and I share birthdays 8 days a part in October. I have her by one year, but she looks marvelous!!!! It was such a nice evening as usual at Beatnix Coffeehouse. Posted by Picasa

Andrew Currey Art Reception at Beatnix Coffeehouse

Andrew Currey's Art will be on the walls at Beatnix until October 8th instead of until October 1st. That's an extra week to drop by and enjoy this talented artist's work.

If you'd like to see more pictures from the Opening Reception, please visit MJS Productions.

This was my first time meeting this young man, and I might say I was quite impressed. He's very articulate, mannerable, and quite handsome! I wish him much success at the University of North Texas this fall.

Monday, August 21, 2006

MACT Meeting and 5th Annual River Jam

Jen and I attended the Music Association of Central Texas (MACT) meeting tonight and surprisingly enough ran into a handful of folks we already knew. The 1st picture is of Johnnie Bradshaw, the President of the Waco chapter. He was reading off all of the available volunteer positions for the 5th Annual River Jam sponsored by MACT. The fundraiser event for Caritas is Saturday, September 16th from 4pm-11pm at the Bosque River Stage on MCC's Campus. Performers include: John Nitzinger, Sonny Mac Blues Band, Zychek, Sandusky, Touch of Class, The Nick Hildebrand Band with Gordon Collier, Clark Naubert and Jonquil. I'll be in school that day at MCC, so I'll head over there after 5pm. If you'd like to volunteer, contact them via their website.
The next picture is Scott Vaughn. He hosts the songwriter's workshop the Monday after the MACT meetings. I plan on dropping by next Monday night at 7pm to share some of Jen's and my song lyrics.

The third picture is Michael and Rita Jones. Rita was the songwriter of the year last year and her birthday was today. We celebrated with cake! Penney at Beatnix sent us to the meeting to represent Beatnix, because they are members of MACT. Beatnix is one of the major sponsors for River Jam this year, so they were real happy to see us. We saw Terry Roller, Bryan Martin, Marty Floyd, Gordon Collier of The Nick Hildebrand Band, Carolyn Hurst and her husband. It was nice to see familiar faces. We met plenty other singer/songwriters including Glenn Parmelee of Tenderheart Ministries. We invited all out to Open Mic Jamz and to Beatnix Open Mic Poetry. We also sat and chatted for a moment with Mary Duty of Poppa Rollos Pizza where the meeting was held. It was a good night. Posted by Picasa

Sherman Evans on the Wall

If ya look real close at the man on the plaque and our faces, you may see a strong resemblance. Why? Because that's our late Uncle Sherman on the plaque. He was a well known singer all over Central Texas for many years until his health failed in the late 80s and he passed away in 1989. About 5 years ago MACT decided to start honoring those who've made major contributions to music in the Central Texas area by having a Hall of Recognition annually presented at the Groovy Awards. Well, our Uncle Sherman was the first inductee.

I have run into plenty of folks of all races all over Waco who when they find out I'm an "Evans", they ask, "Do you know Sherman Evans?" I poke my chest out, grin shining on my face and proudly say, "That's my Uncle!!" What follows is always, "Your Uncle was a great singer!! He sang at Walker's Auditorium. We'd go see him here and there." Of course they'd name places that no longer exist in and around Waco that I was unaware of in my youth. I really miss my Uncle Sherman and like anyone who loved him dearly like me, I wish he were still here today to make me laugh and sing a sweet tune in my ear. He was a fun, witty, and handsome Uncle. He's been gone for 17 long years but his spirit will never die. Just wanted to give ya'll the inside track on our family.

My dad is a good singer as well and Uncle Sherman's son, Jason plays the bass for a Christian Rock band here locally. Unfortunately for me, I write songs, but can't carry a tune in a bucket! I guess I'll stick to reading and reciting poetry and oh, writing songs.
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Article about the Art at Beatnix in the Baylor Lariat

Beatnix offers local artists space to display paintings

Aug. 21, 2006

By ANNA WOODCOCK, Entertainment editor

Students can now get their daily dose of caffeine and art at Beatnix Coffeehouse.

The coffee shop offers a new environment for coffee lovers free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

With food, drinks, live music and "Open Mic Poetry Night," Beatnix has a variety of entertainment to offer, but it's also a local art venue.

"When we found out how starved locals were, we wanted to give them a location to display their work and help get their name out," said Todd Millerd, Beatnix's general manager and business partner.

Beatnix first opened its doors to customers and McLennan Community College art students by mounting their works on the walls.

Since the opening, the art exhibit has expanded to include more than just work from MCC students, but from artists all around central Texas.

"Classes came occasionally, too," Millerd said. "One professor had her students draw what drink they wanted on napkins as a grade."

Keeping the local community in mind, Millerd, along with his business partner Penny Simpson, immediately accepted Laura Walton's request to display her pieces of art.

"Laura was originally a customer and was one of the first artists to hang her pieces," Millerd said.

Walton later became the curator of the local art venue, searching for local artists and creating six-week shows.

"I've been to nearly every poetry night," Walton said. "One night, Penny and I got to talking and that was part of her vision, to have a nice looking, gallery-type presentation, so we put our heads together."

The first show, "New Geometries," began July 9 and ended Sunday with features from James C. Brown, Ruby Hanna and curator Laura Walton.

Brown's three-panel work titled "Relativity" is the largest piece on display and is definitely an eye-catcher, Millerd said.

Walton, who has run her own art shows in Dallas and Austin, said this is the first introduction outside of school for many of these artists who otherwise may not have the opportunity to display their works.

"It's very nice to have the opportunity for a place like this in Waco," she said. "You feel proud having your family and friends and prospective artists view your work in a local business."

The dimly-lit atmosphere mixed with cozy couches and recliners would appear to be the most unlikely place to display art.

However, Millerd said Walton makes sure to design the proper lighting needed for an art show.

"The presentation and lighting is more what you would find in an actual art gallery," Walton said.

While business remains relatively the same, Millerd said the number of positive comments and questions concerning the show have soared.

"Especially with this show, people are asking questions and are happy to find out we deal with local artists," he said.

Reicher High School senior Lauren Pate, an employee, said the art display has sparked her decorating interests for her future college dorm room.

"I always notice when we get new pieces and like to look at them during my breaks," Pate said.

All the art on display is for sale, ranging in price from $85 to $600.

Beatnix is not discounting the artwork from its loyal students.

The coffee shop is still transforming its back coffee room into a venue solely devoted to local student work, including MCC, local high schools and Baylor. The new exhibit is free and open to the public and began in early August with works from the artist Andrew Currey.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Open Mic Jamz at Beatnix Coffeehouse

I come out and support my sister Jena every Saturday night for Open Mic Jamz at Beatnix. Each week new folks come up and play/sing as do the folks who return weekly to hone their craft and get their 15 minutes of fame. Most performers play original work which is cool, because if any of them make it "big", we'll already have their songs all memorized. The 1st collage picture has Jaimee, a high school student at Midway high singing an original tune. This was her first time on the stage at Beatnix, but certainly not her first time performing. She performs with her dad and she sings and plays with extreme passion. Visit betteroffdad's website to learn more about Jaimee and her dad. Jerry Simonek plays his original tunes and I think he was singing Board it Up here. It has a catchy tune and repetition that makes you find yourself chanting, "a board it up, a board it up". Pic number 3...yeah, Nick the host and I decided to do the mean "hard pose". Being silly and having fun. 4th-mixed media with Nick as the backdrop for my exeriment. Miles helped me out on this one. 5th-Laura Walton and me, posing with our new Beatnix Coffeehouse starburst yellow T-shirts on. I love it!! Jackson Edwards, by Ashley's request, jumped on the Banjo and strummed out a cool tune. Check out that new hair cut and Dynamite Colgate smile! Thanks for playing the Celtic tune again Jackson!! Next, Jen and Nick singing the Beatles favorite, Yesterday and the last, another picture of Jaimee. She's sweet and very talented. You go girl!!
Now, on to the Beatnix T's. They are $15 plus tax, I guess, and the three colors to choose from are Starburst Yellow, Blue, and Army Green. I tried them all on and settled with the Yellow. When you drop by Beatnix, make sure you pick one up. They are going fast!!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 13, 2006

No More Teen Poetry Cafe

The last night for Teen Poetry Cafe was Tuesday August 8th. And I might say it ended on a great note! Lots of teens and lots of poetry read. We had young folks there from public and private schools, teens and tweens. They was so much energy and it was such a "social" night. Laughing, movement, and lots of chatter going on. Check out some pictures from the Cafe.

If you were a teen and enjoyed yourself and would like to see the Cafe open over the holidays and school breaks, leave me a comment. I spoke with Penney, the owner of Beatnix about having Saturday workshops, especially right before UIL so those competing can sharpen their skills in preparation for the competitions. Poetry is one of the categories at all levels. I know because I was a volunteer UIL coach for Carver Academy this past Spring for the 6th graders. Now 7th grader Zagoria D. placed 2nd and she has graced the stage at Beatnix on a Thursday night with the big dogs! So email me or leave a comment if you are interested in Beatnix and HOT Poets hosting ongoing workshops or the Cafe opening back up before next Summer.

OAN, Beatnix is still having Open Mic Comedy on Tuesdays and I believe it will be every Tuesday night from 9pm until...Contact Beatnix Coffeehouse for more info.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Virginia and Claude performing at Beatnix

Playing this Friday August 11th, at Beatnix, Virginia and Claude, a husband and wife duo. Live performers at Beatnix on Friday night play for tips and there's no cover charge. Show starts at 8:30pm. Come check them out and support local musicians!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Open Mic Poetry 8-3-06

Click HERE for more photos of Open Mic Poetry.

Hosted on Fotki

Brittany and Allie both reading on stage for the first time at Beatnix. Although they said they were nervous, no one could tell. Both shared original work. We expect to see these Baylor Bears back often!!

Come out to see Murray Price at Beatnix Coffeehouse

Murray Price specializes in Country Western Music and will be a featured live performer Friday August 4th at Beatnix Coffee House. He's Good!!!! Come on out and support him!! Here he's playing and singing Folsom Prison Blues. Your comments are welcomed!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Photography by Maryee of MJS Productions

Photos taken of artist, Laura F. Walton for her portfolio. Visit Walton Studio today! Posted by Picasa

What's So Good About Waco? Write about it!

OK, from time to time I like to give "writing prompts" or "assignments" to the HOT POETS and anyone who'd like to participate in these writing exercises. Well about two weeks ago while on stage it came to me that we ought to come together and write a positive poem about good ole' Waco, Tx! Now the poem can be written any way you want to, just as long as it's positive.

Need some ideas about what you can write about? Try these links:
My sister Jen has composed a song called Waco, My Home Town, but guess what? She has no lyrics to it. So I was thinking that those of you who'd like to partake in writing a poem about Waco might want to take a listen to her song and it may give you some inspiration to say, write something that may go along with the melody.


Here's Jen playing her song. It's quite nice, I might say, and I'm not saying that because she's my sister. You see for yourself. Make sure you give the video time to buffer.

What's Going On Poetically and Musically Speaking

Here's the skinny on what's going on this Summer with Jen and Maryee around Waco:

Every Tuesday from 7-9pm:

Teen Poetry Cafe
at Beatnix Coffee House on 19th and Lake Shore. This will last until Tuesday August 8th, with a final Teen Feature Night! So if you have teen and tweens, bring em' on out to Beatnix Coffee House. These young folks are really talented and have a lot to share. Oh yeah, and send em' with some money cause they're gonna want to eat some pizza or get something to drink. Check out Beatnix's menu.
The Teen Poetry Cafe host is Richard Simpson, an 8th grader at St. Lewis.

Every Thursday from 7:30-9:30pm:

HOT POETS' Open Mic Poetry
at Beatnix Coffee House. It's open to all ages. There's a lot of poetry that gets either read or recited each Thursday night. If you've never attended an open mic poetry meeting, come on out. It's a warm and inviting environment and the audience is quite gracious. Trust me, I'm the host.
I know. If you have any music accompaniment or a drummer you'd like to read or recite your poems to, Beatnix has congas, a banjo and an acoustic guitar for your pleasure.

**3 poems or 5 minutes, which ever comes first

**Rated PG-13 ~~ It's a family atmosphere and
poets from ages 7+ read weekly ~~
**If you have announcements, give them to Maryee to announce during the break
**Have fun and bring a friend or two

Every Saturday from 8:00-11:00pm: Beatnix Open Mic Jams
Can you sing, play an instrument, like to cover your favorite artist's songs? Christian, Folk, R & B, Rap, Country, drummer, harmonica, flute, bass???

Well come on out and get your 15 minutes of fame at Open Mic Jams.

Nick Stewart is the host and is himself, a very talented singer/songwriter. Come on out, sit back, relax and enjoy some good ole' music from local talent right here in Waco, Texas. There have been artists who've come out to Open Mic Jams and after the feedback and encouragement, they auditioned with Penney, the owner and were given a night to feature on Friday night Live Music Night at Beatnix. So who knows, you might be inspired and talented enough to have your own show one day. Come on out!! If you can't sing or play an instrument like me, you'll enjoy yourself anyway. Check out some video below of two performances.