Friday, January 20, 2006

Beatnix Coffeehouse Live Entertainment - Jim Simmons

Live Christian music by Jim Simmons, a Baylor Truett Seminary student. He has a large following of fellow students who came out to support him, fellowship, eat, and play many of the games available to play at Beatnix.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Come pet the Prow

Penney wants to see you at Beatnix! Come and pet the Prow!!! The Prow is a beautiful piece of artwork by one of her employees! Beatnix is full or artsy culture filled people who come together to share some funky fun!

Open Mic Poetry will start Next Thursday 7pm. All poets bring a few pieces to read. Folks come with Original Spoken Word or they can read some of their favorite poet's pieces. Maryee will be hosting the weekly event.

More information is on the way!
**Note** The Prow is no longer at Beatnix Coffeehouse. The artist, who was a student at MCC moved back home to Dallas, I think, and took this lovely $1,000 piece with her. Shucks!!! Penney and I just loved the Prow!!