Monday, November 06, 2006


Next Thursday, November 16th is I Got Issues Night at Beatnix Coffehouse Open Mic Poetry. Need any ideas on what you want to write about? Well, you can check out the IGOTISSUES website for starters.

For those of you who've been coming out to Thursday night Poetry on a regular basis know that from time to time, I give "homework" so to speak. This month's assignment is to write about about whatever issues you may have. It can be issues with yourself, your work, relationships, life, quirky things that really bug you or whatever you come up with. Be as creative as possible, and also, have fun.

Remember it's rated PG, so make sure you bring something that will be fun but interesting to hear. How about folks with unusual feet? Anything you can come up with I'm sure will be just fine. And remember, have fun!!

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