Thursday, November 16, 2006

HOT Poets Update

Tonight HOT Poets is having I Got Issues Night at Beatnix Coffeehouse.
We will have "themed" poetry nights monthly and I will add to the schedule earlier to give everyone time to prepare their poems. We'll see if we can reserve all "I Got Issues" Poems until after the break so I can videotape them all in on shot this evening. Theme nights help you in creating new work and that gives us a variety of new poems to hear at least on a monthly basis for us regulars.

Next week will be Thanksgiving, so no poetry night because Beatnix will be closed for the holidays.

The last Thursday of each month is Featured Poets Night. November 30th (mark your calendars) we will be featuring Sha' Rol, a local poet cutting her teeth at OMP and our long distance HOT Poet, Mike Guinn of the Ft. Worth Poetry Slam. It should be an exciting night filled with a lot of original pieces from the heart.

On Featured Poets Night, regular OMP will be from 7:30 til about 8:20ish and the Features will have 30 minutes each the rest of the night.

Keep writing, and I hope to see you out tonight!



Jena Evans said...


I really enjoyed this night. Keep up the good work...


Maryee said...

Thanks J!