Thursday, April 20, 2006

What's been goin' on

Even for a cold and rainy night, we managed to get a faithful few out to come and read and share. New faces as well, who dropped by to see what this "poetry night" was all about. Carl Hoover has it listed weekly in the Entertainment section of the Trib and we only anticipate more new people as well as those curious to come on out.

It's been more than fun hosting Open Mic Poetry at Beatnix Coffee House. I have the sneaky suspicion this is becoming a family, a community of people coming together to create, share, and grow. I don't believe I'm speaking for myself. Since we've started, I've had other HOT Poets help me out by hosting. That's so no one can ever say when I'm not in town, the show can't go on. I call it good succession planning! Jen, Orlando, and David C. have hosted, and I'm sure more are to come.
Here's a collage of poetry tonight!

As usual we had our faithful regulars come up to grace the mic as well as some new faces, one being Tank's 7 yr old daughter "A". She read like a pro, an original hand written piece, preferring to sit rather than stand. Her younger brother shouted and cheered his big sis on, later sharing with the crowd that he was "working on his poem." Priceless!

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