Thursday, April 06, 2006

HOT Poets featured in Trib today!

We had a lot of folks out to Open Mic Poetry again! Some came because they read the article in the paper and wanted to check it out. Others came to actually read. There's so much talent in Waco and it's displayed weekly at Beatnix CoffeeHouse.

The poem I wrote doesn't come up on line. Here it is for your reading pleasure! Come on out to Beatnix tonight!
by Maryee

Recited or read well
Rants, raves or amusing stories to tell
Future songs or picture books
Some rhyme, but not all the time

It evokes emotion
Sadness, grief, laughter
Sheer joy, peace, love

Poetry is visual painting written on a paper
It flows from the heart of the poet
to the soul of the hearer or reader

Poetry begins as early as learning your ABC's
and your favorite nursery rhymes

Poetry will never die
From spiritual to lyrical
This muse has longevity


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