Sunday, December 04, 2005

Poetry Journals and 'Zines

Academy of American Poets
List of Journals & 'Zines

Canadian Literary Magazines & Journals

Cornell University
Poetry Journals & Presses

Google Poetry Journals and E-Zines
Society > Religion and Spirituality > Christianity > Arts > Literature > Poetry
> Journals and E-Zines

Kunani Poetry Journals and E-Zines

Limey Search UK Directory & Search Engine: Poetry Journals & Ezines

New York Public Library Literary Journals Online

Poetry Journals On The Web

Poetry Society of America
Poetry Journals & Literary Magazines

Poets & Writers Magazine
Traditional Print Journals With Electronic Versions

Praize Directory: Poetry Journals and E-Zines

Small Press Journals

South African Poetry Journals

Yahoo! Directory: Poetry > Journals

Zeroland Literary Ezines & Literary Journals


Step 1: go to
Step 2: type in "poetry journals" in the search box
(Yes use the quotes; the quotes narrow the search!)
Step 3: press "go" or "search"

Wa-la! Lots of poetry journal info!


You'll can do this one.......

Step 1: go to
Step 2: type in "poetry journal" "new writers" into the search box
Step 3: press "go" or "search"


Poetry and Poets of God Yahoo Group Files

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