Saturday, December 03, 2005

Beatnix Coffeehouse, Waco, Tx

Well, my sister Jen and I found a possible venue for our poetry and songs. It's a new sandwich and coffeehouse that's been opened for about three months here in Waco. It's called Beatnix Coffeehouse. Their logo is "Where Friends Meet". They are located at 1826 Lakeshore Drive, 76708. The phone number is 254-755-6690. Todd Millerd is the General Manager and Penney Simpson is the Proprietor. We've searched far and wide for a place and at the recommendation I believe a few weeks ago of a really nice Baylor student teacher, we were hipped to this spot. Here's a picture of the building sign which carries their logo.

Here's their regular hours:

They are open Monday through Saturday from 7am-11am. They are closed on Sundays, except for private engagements. You'd have to contact them for more info on parties, receptions and the such.

They are a no-smoking establishment, I'm sure for a variety of reasons. My guesses would be, one being the nice suede loveseats and laid back relaxed atmosphere they want to project. The place is too beautiful to have the aura of being smoke filled. But they have plenty of chairs and tables outside with ash trays and those neat little black butt towers.

Here's what kind of payment they accept along with cash:

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