Saturday, June 03, 2006

Teen Poetry Workshop today at the Waco Public Library

I just came from the teen workshop held today at the Central Library. It was hosted by my fellow poet friend Laura Walton. The workshop was awesome, I might say. The attendees were pretty enthused as well. There were some really talented teens in attendance. I didn't have my camera, as I usually do, so I didn't get any photos. I will add a poem I wrote from the poetry writing exercise Laura gave us that the participants seemed to like. If you don't understand it, you probably had to be there. It was a cool exercise.

Writing Exercise by Maryee

The mother will write with a mild pencil

She's had enough of slick pointy ends

that have no real say so in how she feels

Ink stinks
She thinks
as she glides the wooden brush across the paper

with subtle dullness rather fast

The shade of her dreary disposition
Dark misty clouds

She will, but her story, it will only be led by her feelings



Without ink

She thinks
and then she writes again to fill the lonely void

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