Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Open Mic Poetry in May at Beatnix

OK, I looked at the calendar and it looks like we'll shoot for Mother's Day Poems for the 11th (next Thursday) and IT Poems the week after that (May 18th). If you have any inspirational poems for/by Teens and young people, bring those this Thursday! We may have a younger crowd visiting this week to read and listen to some good HOT Poetry.

For May 25th, see if you can cook up some poems for Memorial Day, end of school year, and Summer.
Take care!

HOT Poets


Laura F. Walton said...

Hey Maryee! I'm trying to reach Jen with this interesting link, but I'm at work and don't have my email's the link:

and it's for an upcoming Austin event centered around emerging filmmakers and grant writing for film. Saw it, and thought she might be interested!


Maryee said...

I sent Jen the link. Thanks Laura!