Friday, February 03, 2006

HOT Poetry last night at Beatnix

I'm the hostess.

Last night we had 10 poets each read from 3-5 poems. We're working our way up each week!

Poet, Jack L. found out about the open mic poetry from Wayne S., whom they both participated in monthly poetry readings at Barnes and Noble here in Waco. Glad to have him out to share some of his original work.

New Poets every week! All ages welcomed!


Laura F. Walton said...

Wow! I am thoroughly excited to have stumbled across your blog, Maryee. I'm also a poet, artist, and instructor living in the Waco area; I also have an arts blog at . I'm interested in the readings at Beatnix. I'd love to talk with you; email me at if you would. Thanks for your support of the arts in Waco!

Maryee said...

Hey Laura,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Come on out tonight if you can, for every other Saturday is open mic Jams. This is for music and singing and whatever. My sister Jen and I will be there tonight! Hope to see you either tonight or next Thursday!